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That new car smell.

By UPLYNXED at 03:46 AM

Don't you just love that smell, when you can smell something is new?
This update was a long time coming now, since I've been wanting to update to something like this for months. This does mean I may have rushed it here and there, but I fixed all the big bugs I could so far.
If you're wondering about the 404 on the About page, that's intentional until I put something there, I was just too excited to put this new theme out there :P)
It is also fully responsive and adaptive, so it'll fit perfectly on your mobile devices too.

Update your gamercards!

By UPLYNXED at 01:04 AM

As you may or may not have noticed, the URLs for the gamercards have been changed to a new format.
This way, if you use the same gamercard at multiple forums and other sites, you won't have to go and update every single one of them anymore.
Simply regenerate a gamercard with the same size, color and pose and you're set.
Another reason for doing this is to save space, of course.
We don' want to have the sheer amount of gamercards on our servers impact our reliability.
Servers do grow slower as they're clogged with files, so this is a nice and simple solution.
Please note that you have at most until 8 september to update your gamercard before the old files will be deleted.
You may have a little longer than that, but it's better not to wait it out, right?

Goin' green

By UPLYNXED at 18:22 PM

Welcome to the latest version of Armor Watcher.
A... 3.0 if you will, seeing the previous version was called 2.0.
A lot of things have happened since I first built Armor Watcher 1.0, mostly for the better, but sometimes things screwed up and I had to go back and redo entire sections of the site.
For example, I had to recode the gamercard generator once because I wanted to use custom fonts, which meant I had to use a different way to generate the images. And even though the gamercards worked great and everyone loved them, my previous host didn't, and shut down my site a few times during peak hours.
Thankfully I've moved to a better host now, so it hopefully won't be much of a problem.
We're probably going to recode parts of the generator to make it take less resources from the server, meaning you guys will likely have to regenerate all your gamercards again in a while.
Anyways, back to the new theme/layout/version of the site, it was changed because the previous version (2.0) had too many bugs in it, and since I had been working on a new site anyways, I decided to borrow the looks from the other site and make everything green, which just so happens to be my favorite color. :D
~ AssaultCommand

Gamercards inbound!

By UPLYNXED at 00:38 AM

Gamercards have been added to the site!
You can access them via the gamercard section and customize them with different colors, sizes and poses.
Don't miss out on this awesomeness and get your Gamercard today!
~ AssaultCommand