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What is this place?

Armor Watcher is the #1 place to go to when you want to check out gamercards or in-game armor!

View your Halo 4 and Halo: Reach armor and show it off to your friends, or get some nostalgia with the Halo 3 armor generators, where you can put together your spartan just like you could back in Halo 3.

You can also get your Halo 4 gamercards here for forum signatures and the like, with the all new Gamercard Generator!
Need an image of your emblem? No problem, we support emblems too, and you can find yours by searching with your gamertag, or you can make one yourself with the generator!

Why are you doing this?

I've always dreamt of making a popular website to be honest, and once I set my mind on something I usually get it done.
So when I needed a bunch of images from waypoint and bungie.net for some random thing I can't even hope to recall right now I thought to myself, "This could be way, way simpler".

At the time I had close to zero experience with webdevelopment and I barely knew how to write a basic html website, but that didn't hold me back. I kept on going, determined to get this thing done, and because of this, I had a working site within a few weeks time.

Sure, it was full of bugs and other such issues, but it was my website, and it showed me how much fun webdevelopment could be. From that point on I kept working on the site here and there during my free time, adding new features, fixing bugs in existing features and completely redesigning the site 3 times now.

I hope that I won't feel like redesigning the site again anytime soon as it does take quite a bit of my time.
But in the end it's all worth it when I get some nice feedback from happy customers :)