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Goin' green

By UPLYNXED at 18:22 PM on Jul 23, 2013

Welcome to the latest version of Armor Watcher.
A... 3.0 if you will, seeing the previous version was called 2.0.
A lot of things have happened since I first built Armor Watcher 1.0, mostly for the better, but sometimes things screwed up and I had to go back and redo entire sections of the site.
For example, I had to recode the gamercard generator once because I wanted to use custom fonts, which meant I had to use a different way to generate the images. And even though the gamercards worked great and everyone loved them, my previous host didn't, and shut down my site a few times during peak hours.
Thankfully I've moved to a better host now, so it hopefully won't be much of a problem.
We're probably going to recode parts of the generator to make it take less resources from the server, meaning you guys will likely have to regenerate all your gamercards again in a while.
Anyways, back to the new theme/layout/version of the site, it was changed because the previous version (2.0) had too many bugs in it, and since I had been working on a new site anyways, I decided to borrow the looks from the other site and make everything green, which just so happens to be my favorite color. :D
~ AssaultCommand