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Update your gamercards!

By AssaultCommand at 01:04 AM on Aug 21, 2013

As you may or may not have noticed, the URLs for the gamercards have been changed to a new format.
This way, if you use the same gamercard at multiple forums and other sites, you won't have to go and update every single one of them anymore.
Simply regenerate a gamercard with the same size, color and pose and you're set.
Another reason for doing this is to save space, of course.
We don't want to have the sheer amount of gamercards on our servers impact our reliability.
Servers do grow slower as they're clogged with files, so this is a nice and simple solution.
Please note that you have at most until 8 september to update your gamercard before the old files will be deleted.You may have a little longer than that, but it's better not to wait it out, right?