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Armor Watcher is the #1 place to go to when you want to check out gamercards or in-game armor!

View your Halo 4 and Halo: Reach armor and show it off to your friends, or get some nostalgia with the Halo 3 armor generators, where you can put together your spartan just like you could back in Halo 3.

You can also get your Halo 4 and Halo 5 gamercards here for forum signatures and the like, with the all new Gamercard Generator!
Need an image of your emblem? No problem, we support emblems too, and you can find yours by searching with your gamertag, or you can make one yourself with the generator!


Brand new Halo 5 Gamercards

By at 04:11 AM
We're very happy to announce the first gamercards for Halo 5 are available right now, it's taken a few days but we've made sure to make it the best we can.
Head on over to the generators page and you'll find the new generator at the top of the page.
If you're not on the generator page just yet (what are you waiting for?) there's some Halo 5 gamercards right here for you to enjoy.
If you just want to take a look at your own gamercard you could right here.
Aside from these new Halo 5 gamercards you can also expect to see other improvements and additions to the site in the coming months, including the popular auto generation feature for Halo 4 gamercards coming to Halo 5's gamercards.


By at 07:08 AM
Salutations everyone! I'm Jesus in Malibu, I'm friends with AssaultCommand and I'm an avid Halo custom gamer and forger. I'm here to raise awareness for the issues affecting the custom games and forge modes in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As many of us know by now, Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) has had a terribly rocky launch but even to this day, over 4 months later, the game still suffers from numerous game-breaking issues.
Today, I present to you the latest Halo movement: #FixMccCustoms. Matchmaking has finally had its chance to work as it should have after the latest update (as of March 3rd) but since then, the custom games and forge modes have still been left forgotten about with its own plethora of issues. These issues basically render custom games virtually unplayable and the forge modes extremely difficult to work with.
This is #FixMccCustoms:
Alternatively, you may click here to view a public document which lists all known issues with custom games and forge.
Our goal with #FixMccCustoms is to raise awareness about the plentiful amount of issues with custom games and forge and to get them acknowledged and eventually fixed by 343 Industries. You may help simply sharing this video in any way possible; raising awareness is key in this movement! The current state of custom games and forge is greatly hurting our communities and great content creators. We need MCC's custom games and forge to be fixed as soon as possible if we want to enjoy custom games and forging like we have before.
That's about it and I hope everybody can help take part in this movement in some way possible. Thanks!

Open Beta!

By at 22:35 PM
Hey guys, we're now accepting registrations on the new accounts page.
If you're wondering what this is about, we're now allowing you to let us automatically update your gamercard every few days. This means you can enter the details of one gamercard and set the rate at which it will regenerate.
Remember, this is an open beta, so things might not work correctly all of the time. Please do report any bugs you find in the comments below or send me a tweet at @__Caspar__ to let me know.
There'll be more features available in the future, including a custom commenting system for the blogposts, profiles where you can show your gamercards, early access to new generators (2 of which are coming pretty soon).

That new car smell.

By at 08:46 AM
Don't you just love that smell, when you can smell something is new?
This update was a long time coming now, since I've been wanting to update to something like this for months. This does mean I may have rushed it here and there, but I fixed all the big bugs I could so far.
If you're wondering about the 404 on the About page, that's intentional until I put something there, I was just too excited to put this new theme out there :P)
It is also fully responsive and adaptive, so it'll fit perfectly on your mobile devices too. 

Custom avatars are here.

By at 04:41 AM
As of right now, the brand new avatar generator is fully up and running.
You can now get a very customizable avatar from the armory, right here on Armor Watcher.
You can choose whether you want to show your emblem or not, whether you want to use an image as a background or a plain color, and whether you want to stand posed or in the default pose.
I may or may not add some more content to the generator in the near future, so you might end up having to regenerate your avatar when something major gets added, which for now seems unlikely.
Please hang on while we work out some of the bugs.