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Pardon Our Dust

By UPLYNXED at 22:23 PM

*blows the dust right in your face*
Welcome back, strangers and old friends! It's no secret that this website has seen quite a bit of neglect over the past few years, with more and more random bits breaking every now and then. But that neglect ends now!
I've been hard at work patching up the holes here and there, as best as I can anyways. 
Things like the Halo 5 Gamercards and the Halo 4 Avatars are back up and running! On the armory side of things you can now (finally) retrieve your Halo 5 Spartan and Emblem (only a couple of years late, I know). And the Halo 4 and Halo Reach spartan and emblems are working again as well. At least until 343i pulls the API rug on me again...
Additionally, I've been generally making the rest of the site functional again as well, including accounts, profiles, and the like. It's still not amazing, but for some reason 1330 people decided to register an account over the years despite the warnings for bugs and lack of functionality. It's nothing huge but it does mean a lot to me that so many of you even bothered to try that! 🥰
There's still a lot of work to do on this little corner of the internet, as I've been building it all from scratch over the years. No WordPress or anything like that behind the scenes. It's been a hell of a learning project, but luckily I'm never really done with learning! 
There's also a few other projects I've got going on at the moment, like a full redesign and rework of the website for Project: Contingency, a Halo fan game I've helped work on THAT YOU CAN CURRENTLY PLAY! The current version of that site is running on a modified version of the software I wrote for this website, so I've been optimizing that site at the same time. Even knowing I'm going to replace it with a site that's a 10x times better.

That's about it for this update, thanks for reading!
- UPLYNXED (formerly AssaultCommand)

Open Beta!

By UPLYNXED at 17:35 PM

Hey guys, we're now accepting registrations on the new accounts page.
If you're wondering what this is about, we're now allowing you to let us automatically update your gamercard every few days. This means you can enter the details of one gamercard and set the rate at which it will regenerate.
Remember, this is an open beta, so things might not work correctly all of the time. Please do report any bugs you find in the comments below or send me a tweet at @__Caspar__ to let me know.
There'll be more features available in the future, including a custom commenting system for the blogposts, profiles where you can show your gamercards, early access to new generators (2 of which are coming pretty soon).