#FixMccCustoms - Armor Watcher


By Jesus in Malibu at 02:08 AM on Mar 23, 2015

Salutations everyone! I'm Jesus in Malibu, I'm friends with AssaultCommand and I'm an avid Halo custom gamer and forger. I'm here to raise awareness for the issues affecting the custom games and forge modes in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As many of us know by now, Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) has had a terribly rocky launch but even to this day, over 4 months later, the game still suffers from numerous game-breaking issues.
Today, I present to you the latest Halo movement: #FixMccCustoms. Matchmaking has finally had its chance to work as it should have after the latest update (as of March 3rd) but since then, the custom games and forge modes have still been left forgotten about with its own plethora of issues. These issues basically render custom games virtually unplayable and the forge modes extremely difficult to work with.
This is #FixMccCustoms:
Alternatively, you may click here to view a public document which lists all known issues with custom games and forge.
Our goal with #FixMccCustoms is to raise awareness about the plentiful amount of issues with custom games and forge and to get them acknowledged and eventually fixed by 343 Industries. You may help simply sharing this video in any way possible; raising awareness is key in this movement! The current state of custom games and forge is greatly hurting our communities and great content creators. We need MCC's custom games and forge to be fixed as soon as possible if we want to enjoy custom games and forging like we have before.
That's about it and I hope everybody can help take part in this movement in some way possible. Thanks!